Imperial Tide

Imperial Tide Imperial Tide is an unholy union of terrifying riffs, booming bass, bombastic breakdowns and shrieking wails emanating off the cavernous walls of the Las Vegas valley. Championing an independent mindset in all aspects of their musical empire, Imperial Tide built their kingdom from the ground up, and infused it with a passion unrivaled […]


SUECO Sporting signature spectacles under a loose mane of wild long hair, Sueco practically drips attitude. The gold-certified Los Angeles-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist channels the spirit of nineties pop-punk through a 21st century lens, tapping into the unpredictability of hyperpop, the catharsis of hardcore, and a whole lot of hip-hop finesse. His debut single […]


REDDSTAR It all started right before the pandemic hit the world with a handful of exciting demos. Determined to create something fresh and new, the members of R★S worked on their new sound with a passion and enthusiasm. When the band were ready to capture this exciting new sound, and put their hard work out […]