GNOME Belgium’s hardest rocking creatures, Gnome, are back with their majestic second outing, King. After the success of 2018 debut Father of Time, demonstrating their talent for stacking riffs like lego blocks, and conquering stages across Europe with their shin-kicking live sets, the power trio from Antwerp raise the bar for their second album, sounding […]


REDLIGHT KING Mark “Kaz” Kasprzyk started Redlight King as a vehicle for his songwriting a decade ago, after moving down from Hamilton, ON, Canada to Los Angeles, and soon recorded 2011’s Something for the Pain, which included the Rock/Alternative hits “Old Man,” (a tribute to his dad featuring a vocal sample granted by Neil Young […]


YOU ME AT SIX One of the things that You Me At Six discovered whilst making their blistering eighth album Truth Decay was that you don’t really know where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from. As the dust settled on the triumphant campaign for 2021’s Suckapunch, the band’s second UK Number […]


ASAVA  ASAVA are an emerging rock group fusing elements of alternative rock, grunge, and metal to form a sound all their own. Their single “25”, released along with an emotional music video featuring home videos from singer Liam Brocious, captured the attention of DWPresents and Space Zebra, landing them their first major festival appearance at […]


RYAN OAKES When Ryan Oakes gave up his sports scholarships to pursue a career in music, everyone told him he was “crazy”. In his hometown of Leesburg, Virginia people didn’t do music, they became doctors or got a corporate office job – but Ryan always knew he was destined for more. “They thought I was […]


AUSTIN MEADE On Black Sheep, Austin Meade delivers songs and stories that, like the young singer/guitarist himself, are contradictory yet cohesive. His influences—musical and otherwise—are as varied and rich as the small-town Texas soil that nurtured his talent, yielding 12 stellar songs ranging from the insinuating multi-layered musicality and storytelling of “Déjà Vu” to the […]


MAYDAY PARADE In 2006, just a year after their formation, Mayday Parade joined their first Vans Warped Tour. Unofficially, that is. “We weren’t a part of the tour,” Derek Sanders, frontman of the Tallahassee, Florida-founded pop-punk band, clarifies. “We were just there in our van showing up every day to sell CDs in the parking […]


BADFLOWER  Beauty blooms from discomfort. The second we squirm at the utterance of a lyric or the echo of a guitar chord is the moment we learn about our limits and, perhaps, make a change in our lives. Badflower aren’t afraid of making anybody uncomfortable. The GOLD-certified Los Angeles-bred and Nashville-based quartet—Josh Katz [lead singer, […]